Leasing company accountant day

On 06.04.2015, managing partner of Taxadvisor, Dmitry Kostalgin, and head of tax practice, Aleksey Yakovlev, took part in Leasing company accountant day, an event organized annually by the United Leasing Association. The event was attended by experts of the leading international and Russian consulting, auditing and legal firms.

In his report, Dmitry Kostalgin highlighted the main problems faced by leasing companies when reflecting transactions related to the termination of lease agreements in the tax accounting, and demonstrated through practical examples possible options and approaches on the matter.

Aleksey Yakovlev’s report for this event was dedicated to the accounting of interest as income or expenses for tax purposes. Aleksey analyzed recent legislative changes on the matter and the bill planned to be adopted.

The company’s experts performance at the Leasing company accountant day was highly evaluated by the participants and organizers of the event.

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