Tax disputes

Taxadvisor company specializes in representing clients’ interests in tax disputes. Years of versatile experience gained by our lawyers allow us to achieve successful results in the most complex cases. We are able to represent clients’ interests in almost any region of Russia.

Our clients can receive highly qualified legal support in the following services:

- pre-trial settlement of tax disputes: representing clients’ interests in tax authorities in course of tax audits, and within other tax control events and following their completion, including, but not limited to, counseling, preparation of all necessary documents (complaints, objections, etc.);

- judicial settlement of tax disputes: representing clients’ interests in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation in the resolution of disputes arising from tax legal relations;

- identification of tax reserves (overpayments): our lawyers carry our an express analysis of taxpayer’s activity in order to identify hidden overpayments of taxes, which are then returned to the client in pre-trial or court.

- legal tax planning: strengthening the position of the taxpayer in a judicial act to protect current and future transactions;

- enforcement proceedings support: in case of fund collection from the budget, the company specialists represent clients’ interests in course of enforcement proceedings, which includes preparation of all necessary documents, addressing, if necessary, to the appropriate authorities to ensure the receipt of funds by the client.

- expense collection: provided we have an agreement with the client, we collect expenses from a tax authority that were incurred by the client to hire our company to protect their interests in court;

- preparation of reviews of law enforcement practice on tax disputes, alerts, analytical materials, including on a regular subscription basis;

Our lawyers can carry out a free preliminary analysis of a tax audit report, the results of which will assess the legitimacy of claims and the likelihood disputing such claims. A copy of such report can be sent to us by email:, or by fax: (495) 230 01 46.

On issues related to tax disputes, please contact:

Dmitry Kostalgin, managing partner of Taxadvisor legal firm 

Alexey Yakovlev, head of legal practice of Taxadvisor legal firm


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